For owners of a new shop on Tioga Street, ‘Kaleidoscope,’ the name-choice was simple.

“It means ‘an array of beautiful forms,’” said owner and manager Heather Williams.

On Saturday, Tunkhannock folks had their first taste of the mysterious shop, which has piqued community interest since construction began several months ago.

According to Williams, the store offers an eclectic mix of gifts, jewelry and home accessories.

What seems to really be bringing people off of the streets is the extensive work put into the interior design of the store, which is framed from corner to corner in elegantly rustic antiques - the family collection.

“This is such a great area for it - antique stores are really reasonably-priced,” said Williams, a North Carolina native.

Her partner in crime, Kinsy Lukasavage, of Dallas, spoke of the duo’s fondness for ‘up-cycling.’

“Up-cycling is taking old things and turning them into something useful,” Lukasavage said. On why they chose the pieces they did, she said, “We chose what we like.”

Despite the carefully-designed layout, there aren’t antiques for sale, though that hasn’t stopped Tunkhannock residents from stopping in and asking.

What Kaleidoscope does offer is a store satisfying the consumer-tastes not nurtured after the closing of Mary-Go-Round.

“There was a niche that needed to be filled,” Williams said. “We are an extension of what was here before.”

For the team, who has been heavily-assisted by Williams’ husband, Dr. Daniel Williams, the biggest surprise has been the outpouring of support from other local businesses.

“We’re trying not to compete with any of the other local businesses,” Williams said.

Still, one would think that the introduction of another Tioga Street establishment would give way to some dissent.

That is not the case.

Take Claire Williams, for example, the previous co-owner of Mary-Go-Round.

As soon as she heard a new business would be occupying the location, she gave some words of advice:

“She told me, ‘When you’re building your inventory, choose things you like - it’s easier to sell the things you like,’” Heather Williams said.

Even Donna LaBar, owner of ‘Friends’ gift shop on Tioga, had some words of advice on how to arrange items in the store to make things more visually-appealing and accessible.

The ‘soft opening’ last weekend was a precursor to full-time hours, which will be: Tuesday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A grand opening will take place sometime in early July.

A quick glance at the store reveals all sorts of knick-knacks and home decor - jewelry, different ornate dishes, purses and handbags, a wedding section, a ‘farm-house’ section, and even a kids section.

It is certain the store’s vision will adjust as customers in Tunkhannock frequent the shop, especially given the vocal-nature of shoppers in the area, but the pair have some plans in the works already.

“We want to create our own things eventually,” Williams said. “It’s back to the idea of up-cycling - of re-purposing old furniture to sell.”