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At Monday night’s Extracurricular Subcommittee of the Tunkhannock Area School Board, Superintendent Michael Healey said he wanted to get a read on the implications of what slim numbers on the Tiger football roster might mean.

He said that the school during practices had started with 20 potential players but was now up to 25 on its roster.

He said that he and athletic director Ken Janiszewski had looked inthe possibility that if players were banged up in early games, the school might have to forfiet its participation in a game. If that were to happen, was there a penalt? The answer was no.

Secondly, is a penalty assessed to an opponent;s school in the event of a forfeit? The answer was no.

Thirdly, if say, players were banged up from games one and 2 so that they had to forfeit game 3, could they come back and play week four. That is possible,

Football coach Rod Azar told the board, first off, “I’m pretty optimistic we’re not going to have to forfeit.”

He said the team had started with 33 guys who were interested in football in the spring, and it was down to 25.

He said, decline in participation was an issue at most schools and the #1 reason was concussion.

“We might have a good year,” but we don’t yet have a good program, and that won’t change until someone is in the district all day.

About whether all of his 25 youths are ready to play, he matter-of-factly said there were a few who would not likely see first quarter action.

“I would never put the wrong kids into play,” he said, however, noting that in practices it is really difficult to scrimmage with 25 players if one or two are banged up.

Board President Mick Cronin thanked Azar for his candor and wished him and the Tigers well in the season ahead.