Once again, sentencing day looms on Wednesday, and the Wyoming County Correctional Facility is full.

During the prison board agenda at the start of Tuesday’s commissioners meeting, Warden Ken Repsher said that the jail was full at 76 inmates, and that “they are already on emergency bedding and sentencing is tomorrow.”

Public Defender Deborah Albert-Heise said that at least two inmates will be evaluated for the state IEP program and will likely be released to that agency Wednesday.

All of the lighting in the prison, courthouse and other county buildings has been converted to energy efficient fixtures and bulbs.

Pointing at the ceiling lights, Commissioner Ron Williams said that four bulbs had been exchanged for two, and yet the lights were brighter than they had been. The work was completed through the Commonwealth Energy program through Constellation.

Commissioner Judy Kraft Mead said that the new courthouse windows will arrive on June 4.

The commissioners signed the first quarter 2014 tax claim distributions.

The Wyoming County Recycling Center’s Electronic Recycling Program will be held on Saturday, Apr. 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for Wyoming County residents and small businesses only.

The commissioners approved the hire of Wendy Howell as Office of Community Planning Secretary, a new position. Howell is presently working in the courthouse in the Register and Recorder office, so this is a lateral move for her. She has many qualifications for the position, including planning commission experience and mapping skills.

Solicitor Jim Davis gave his report, saying, “I would suggest we set aside some time to discuss where we are going with the commercial lease for a tower at Shadowbrook. We have a verbal lease, and payments are being made, but the document is nowhere near where it needs to be.” The tower is located up on top of Osterhout Mountain on Shadowbrook’s property.