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Hunter Samantha Williams dropped her 8-point buck off at Wright’s Cut-Up to be harvested on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

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Diane and Tom Wright are hard at work preparing different cuts of venison.

With deer season now in full-swing, many local hunters likely bagged a big buck last week during antlered season, or will be looking for an antlerless deer, if they haven’t gotten one already.

And while shooting a deer might mean a nice trophy for the den, it also means a nice stock of meat for the freezer.

For the latter, the folks at Wright’s Cut-Up in Monroe Twp. have you covered.

The family business, run by Dale Wright and his sons Eric and Scott, has been butchering deer for local hunters at their Wright Road, Monroe Twp., location since 1999.

Processing between 15 and 20 deer a day, Wright’s’ team, comprised of Dale, Scott, Eric, Dale’s wife Diane, his grandson Cole, and his nephew Tom, get to work early and work through the day to keep up with demand.

When a deer comes in, and a lot have recently, the deer is given a tag which will identify the meat throughout the butchering process.

The hunter then chooses how they want the meat prepared, whether as hamburger, roasts, or prepared products like bologna, sausages, or kielbasa. This they will enjoy later, but first the Wright’s have a job to do.

After the animal is skinned it gets hung from a hoist where the meat is then taken off. All the meat is then sent into another room with the tag, where a team prepares it, packages it, and stores it in a freezer (with the antlers if the deer was a buck), until pickup.

This may seem like a difficult job, but, according to Dale, it has become almost second nature.

“One my older neighbors helped me cut up my first deer when I was 13,” Dale said. “I learned from him and from cutting my own deer as I grew up.”

He passed on that lesson to his sons, who he said “started at an early age.”

The business was actually started by son Eric Wright when he realized the high demand for deer butchering services in the area.

“We started in the basement of my old house,” Dale added, “but I never thought it would have gotten this far.”

Nonetheless, the business has become quite reputable in the area, which has attracted a great deal of business.

“We aren’t taking any more deer until maybe Friday,” Dale said early Wednesday, “because we’ve got so many to do already.”

Wright’s Cut-Up also butchers bear and some pork and beef.

“A guy once told me there are three things you never do,” Dale laughed. “He said ‘don’t do drugs, don’t chase women, and don’t become a butcher.’”

The Wright’s have heeded most of this advice, but it seems as though butchering has become something of a family tradition.

Rates for a regular deer cut at $65, where a customer can have their game prepared as steaks, roasts, back straps, or hamburger.

Those interested in specialty products can get bologna for $9, sticks for $5 per pound, smoked kielbasa for $3 per pound, smoked kielbasa with cheese for $5 per pound, and a smoked hind for $25.

Also available are fresh kielbasa, breakfast sausage (regular or maple), hot or mild Italian sausages, stew meet, and thin steaks.

Despite the rainy weather, local hunter Samantha Williams brought her 8-point buck in, which is sure to provide many hearty meals and maybe even a nice trophy.

Wright’s Cut-Up also mounts antlers, and capes deer for taxidermy.

The business can be reached at (570)-333-4616.