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Tunkhannock Mayor Norm Ball took to heart charges leveled by a local resident at borough council on Aug. 4, regarding the police department’s handling of a pedestrian accident, and said he found them unsubtantiated.

Kathleen Saunders had appeared at the August borough council meeting noting discrepancies with the reports that the borough police had filed pertaining to her case on Sept. 12, 2013, when she was struck by a motorist while she was a pedestrian in a cross-walk on Tioga Street.

Mayor Ball admitted it was an unfortunate accident, but said that Ms. Saunders’ assertion that the attending officer was “uncaring” was just not true.

Ball said he interviewed an EMT, Carol Manglaviti, who stopped to help at the scene 11 months ago who said the attending officer, Chief Roger Hardy, showed great concern.

He (Ball) said that Saunders’ assertion that she went to the police office looking for documentation was not recalled by anyone who staffs the office or borough manager Dawn Welch.

On Wednesday Ball located the original traffic citation from the incident and found everything to be in order.

He did note that at the District Justice’s office in the county courthouse, the last name of the defendant, Donald Traver, had been spelled as Travel, and that could have led to some confusion, but that was not the role of the police.

Saunders was hand delivered the documentation by the mayor at her Pine Street address on Wednesday.

She wrote him back a 4-page letter thanking him for looking into the matter “so quickly.”

Saunders said it was her husband who went to the police station and he was told he would have to wait until it was online to get a copy.

She still had some unanswered questions, including how the defendant’s name could possibly be misspelled in the district justice’s office.

She said she was still looking for answers and hoped at some point in the not too distant future to get to the bottom of the truth.