Pretrial motions were heard Tuesday morning for a man charged with homicide by vehicle on Sept. 17, 2011.

Robert Jesse Morris, 22, of Tunkhannock, appeared in the small courtroom with his attorney, Paul Ackourey, before presiding judge Russell Shurtleff.

Ackourey asked for a continuance, requesting more information to seek an expert opinion on details of the accident.

According to arrest paperwork filed by Tpr. Joseph Wasko of the state police, Morris was driving on Rt. 292 with Kelly Radwanski, 40, and her daughter, Cailene, when he left his lane and collided with the vehicle of Melanie Kopeck.

Kelly and Cailene Radwanski were pronounced dead at the scene by Wyoming County Coroner Thomas Kukuchka.

The defense requested forensic photographs from the scene, inspection of the black box in Morris’ vehicle, a coroner’s report, as well as the possibility of obtaining eyewitness reports from first responders.

Ackourey also contested the urinalysis that found Morris was under the influence of marijuana.

While district attorney Jeff Mitchell spoke to the legitimacy of the drug testing, Ackourey took issue with the extent to which a drug test can establish impairment of an individual.

Mitchell, citing state precedent, said it isn’t necessary to establish that an individual was impaired if drugs are present in their system.

The jury trial, originally scheduled for Monday, Feb. 24, was continued to April 24 to allow the defense to obtain the requested information.