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Swimmer Joey Moffitt was presented a certificate by Tunkhannock head coach Tim Mislevy to commemorate his 1,000 point.

It’s an individual accomplishment that takes a team effort.

It’s a milestone that can only be earned through countless early morning hours spent in the pool.

But it’s something that every swimmer strives for, and only a select few can have the honor of earning.

For Tunkhannock senior Joey Moffitt, his time had finally come.

Moffitt earned the 1,000 point of his career without even knowing it when the Tigers edged Dallas 93-92 on Thursday, Feb. 6.

“I thought it would be against Elk Lake (in the next meet) and coach (Tim Mislevy thought it would be against Holy Cross (on Feb. 12),” Moffitt joked. “On the bus to Elk Lake we were still hyped up about beating Dallas and coach said ‘did you realize anything else happened last night, something that you’ve been working on for years?’ I didn’t know what he meant until he announced it and I found out along with everyone else.”

The news was unexpected, but the milestone was inevitable after the success Moffitt has had over his four years on the team.

“He’s brings a lot of enthusiasm and good work ethic to the team,” head coach Tim Mislevy said. “He’s always keeping an eye on the other teams in the district and that catches on with the rest of the guys. He’s been a leader for four years, especially this year as a senior. As a freshman coming up you learn from the older kids and he did that.”

Since he came onto the team as a freshman, Moffitt has always made sure to push himself to improve.

“It’s been a lot of hard work,” Moffitt said. “You can’t come in as a freshman and expect the seniors to do the work, you’ve got to constantly step up and push yourself to be faster. When I was a freshman I wanted a spot on the relay team and I worked hard to outwork the senior who had it. You need to work hard all the time to beat a teammate out for a spot or beat the opponent next to you.”

And along the way, Moffitt has certainly had some stiff competition to go up against, even if that competition happened to be his own teammates.

“When I was a freshman, (senior) Matt Kupchunas was a friend of mine and that was my goal to be like him, and Ben Spencer got 1,000 points last year, too,” Moffitt said. “To achieve something that both of them achieved means a lot. For me to be recognized on the same level as two people I grew up chasing is a big deal for me.”

Just like teammates helped to push Moffitt in the pool, they also had a pretty big hand in helping him reach 1,000 career points.

“You won’t get to 1,000 points just as an individual, it takes a team to do it,” Mislevy said. “We’ve had some really good swimmers come through here but they haven’t had that full team around them to get them there. He’s worked hard all those years and deserves it after putting in all the time and effort and continuing to stay focused.”

Moffitt is certainly no stranger to hard work and commitement. He was also a member of the Tunkhannock cross country team that brought home the school’s first state title in 41 years in November.

Ironically enough, his cross country teammate and close friend Ben Siegel, who is on the Tigers wrestling team, earned the 100th win of his career almost one week later on Feb. 12.

“Ben’s one of my best friends and we both knew I was going to get mine and he was going to get his,” Moffitt said. “That they both happened almost at the same time is surreal for us.”