When Nicholson resident Joyce Harvey left her friend Francine Kiryluk’s hair salon last month, she had a thousand ideas running through her head.

What kind of bulbs would work best? Who is an affordable electrician? What kind of permit should be applied for?

For, after a brief conversation with Kiryluk, the task of opening a tanning salon from scratch was suddenly upon Harvey.

“I’m a mover,” Harvey said. “Once she said the idea, I knew we’d have to hurry up and jump on it.”

Indeed, if she had taken any missteps over the last month, it is likely the new tanning salon, ‘Shimmerz,’ would have failed to saturate the Nicholson market before prom and wedding season, the money-makers for such an establishment.

But after a long and laborious month of ‘moving,’ Harvey is ready to open to the public, and will commemorate the occasion with a grand opening on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Conveniently, Shimmerz is located adjacent to Francine Kiryluk’s Hair Studio. The opening will consist of cake and refreshments.

Once it opens officially, which is tentatively Monday, every first-time customer will be getting a free tan.

Harvey, who also works promoting Jamberry Nails and It Works beauty products, isn’t the typical tanning salon owner.

Here in Pennsylvania, tanning beds are still an unregulated form of business, meaning people can tan however long they want and however much they want, within the constraints of business owners’ personal choices.

Therein lies the misconception - everyone who tans looks orange and is subjecting themselves to skin cancer.

In reality, people who are orange-looking have been using tanning salons that could care less about the health of their customers.

Harvey, on the other hand, has dedicated time to learning the guidelines of states who do choose to regulate the business, and will be offering services that cater to the notion that healthy tanning is beneficial and rewarding.

“I feel, with the negativity that goes a long with tanning, if I’m going to open one up, I’m going to be responsible,” Harvey said. “Everybody technically should take responsibility for their own actions.”

At Shimmerz, tanners will be pleased to find that the bulbs in use, ‘SunMaster’ tanning bulbs, bear the closest resemblance to UVA rays emitted from the sun, meaning the tan is more natural-looking.

“It has so many benefits, for example, for people with soriosis or Vitamin D deficiencies,” Harvey said. “It’s mostly cosmetic - people are looking to feel good about themselves - but it does have medical benefits.”

She added: “I’m sure there are vitamins you could take, but sunlight is the natural remedy for a lot of things.”

The joint is also filled with ‘bronzers’ and moisturizers to ensure an even and glowing tan.

On top of that, there will be Jamberry items, gift certificates and made-to-order gift baskets available.

For now, they’ll be operating with two beds - one standing and one laying.

Prices will be competitive, considering the closest tanning salons to the Nicholson area are in Clarks Summit and Tunkhannock.

Packages will cost $60 a month for unlimited tanning. A week of unlimited tanning will be $27, and single sessions are $10 for the lay-down bed and $12 for the stand-up bed.

Appointments are strongly recommended.

“It’s important to remember, I think, that too much of anything is not a good thing. If people are smart and act safe and practice safe ways, then I really don’t see anything wrong with it,” Harvey said.

Lumber was supplied by Nicholson Lumber, and Harvey noted that everything that went into constructing the salon came from local businesses.

Joyce’s husband Dave Harvey was the main builder on the project, and will continue to serve as an employee.

T-shirts are being locally made by Dave Shirley and other retail items will be available from local artisans.